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The Unbroken Hu(MAN)
There comes a time in a man's life when he hits that point of no return. He reaches a point of just existing (auto-pilot) in his own world and his own realm. He has been put through the wringer; he has been judged non-stop, possibly dragged through the mud, but it's okay for him not to be okay.  He exists in his own existence. He has seen so much in his life that he doesn't trust, he doesn't live free, and he doesn't allow his true feelings to be, known, seen, heard, or shown. HE TRULY BECOMES NUMB TO LIFE!!! Yet and still, he is looked at as unhu(MAN) something created in a lab to not be allowed to be down, upset, heartbroken, tired, scared, afraid, vulnerable, or just mainly be a fucking human. A hu(MAN) that makes mistakes, says the wrong words, makes the wrong decisions, takes a wrong turn, or just plainly had fucked-up timeframe in their lives. Men are not allowed to be hu(MAN); Men are supposed to be men. a shoulder for others to lean on, an ear for advice, a decision-maker for the family, the muscle the strong one. Why can't a man not know what he wants to eat. or why does a man feel that he is weak if he cries? Have you ever just asked a man? "What is your deepest fear? What is your worst nightmare? What or who hurt you to make you this way? What is wrong? I can guaran(dam)tee you none of you ever have. Let's get this straight I am no weak man, but I am a hu(MAN) being.

"Only those who are faultless have the right to pass judgment upon others (implying that no one is faultless and that, therefore, no one has such a right to pass judgment). ~"Richard Lucas"

What kills me about this world is people seem like they have the sole right to judge another human being. Yes, I judge livestock on somewhat of a set standard of what's "industry correct" but that is strictly on the outer appearance of the animal. Not if he/she knocks over their feed bucket every day, or if they like to chase the other calves around, or even if it's a bully to the animals in the barn. This is strictly aesthetic value and what you see in front of you. People these days honestly dare to think they are better than someone else. That truly boggles my brain at times. Ok yes you have a nicer car/truck, yes, your house might be bigger than mine, hell your spouse/person might be better looking… so many more things can be added to that list, but that is only aesthetic value. Those people with these things might have the ugliest souls on the planet. I guess what I'm trying to say is to take responsibility for your part in a situation that you are involved in, or that saying, "when you point a finger at someone, remember there are three more pointing right back at you." Let them pass judgment, let them talk, and let them spend their limited energy on you!! Then sit back and watch GOD work in your favor!! Do not define your life on the opinions of others!!

"Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before." ~Anonymous

The mistakes—well you know that one time you were perfect? Yeah, I don't remember that day either!!  Mannnnnn look a hear, we all make mistakes we all have time frames in our lives where we do stupid shit or have a phase in their life where we are just a little f-ed up, and if you have never had that then you're a liar!!! It could be an event in your life that sparked a reaction, an episode of numbness, or even just a time of IDGAF... It could be you dealing with depression, loss, anxiety, stress, searching for something, or worst of all mental health issues. The fact is no one and I repeat no one will ever know your hidden struggles or your hidden internal demons. All they know is what they see and what others say. No one ever takes the other person's side in the middle of an accusation of a mistake. Of course, your boy has made soooo many mistakes in his life, hurt people, lied, done things out for selfish reasons, and walked away from people and things with no hesitation. One thing I do know is I no longer look back at that man I once was, and neither should you. I will take responsibility for that action; I will forever take that right hook to the chin if I deserve it. Pick me up off the mat and brush that shit off... Life is way too short to live in a hole of sadness, judgment, and most of all the past.

"Nephew, keep your "enemies" closer than your "enemies", and my favorite "if you ain't shit then they wouldn't be trying to put you through shit" ~ MY O.G.

This confused the hell out of me. Then I thought about it. You know who your people are you know who your enemies are, and you truly know who has your back. If you have to question what side, then treat them as an enemy. (MIND BLOWN)... With that being said, I'm not saying "keep that thang on you!!" (Like I do), I think what it means is everyone has a hidden agenda they will use you for their benefit and smile in your face. (we have all done it) All the while they are talking horribly about you to others. The funny part is that you know they are doing it, but still, you understand your assignment and press on with them for other reasons that give you peace. The hardest lesson I learned is God will reveal your "People" and will cleanse the ones that are not your "people." It may be in a harsh way that is painful to experience, but as the saying goes "he heard conversations that you did hear and has seen things you didn't see" So if the people can easily walk away from you, turn their backs, or even change sides. Then you sit back and thank God for that burden lifted off you and any future issues that could occur. Whether that storm, ride that tornado of toxic cleanse!! Who knows that storm can inspire a rainbow of God's plan of an amazing breakthrough!! So I say thank you God and thank you to my enemies' for being my "MUSE" in the process of my greatness and a toxic-free life!!!!
"Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes, but by the opposition, he or she has overcome to reach his goals."
Dorothy Height

To be continued…. YALL TAKE IT EASY!!!!!